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    Golf Club Repair

After a long off-season of golf, everyone is attempting to "dust off" their swings. It is important to remember, however, that the state of your equipment also determines the accuracy of your shot making.

Our Club Repair Shop is one of the most advanced in the region, and our Professional is a certified club repair specialist, Club Fitter and Golf Instructor.

Carman Creek's Club Repair Shop offers a full range of services including Regripping and adjusting the lofts and lies of your clubs, and Reshafting. The Shop is able to handle all of your club repair needs, and since the work is done in-house, your clubs will be returned to you in a timely manner -- often while you wait or next day return.

Dane is looking forward to handling your golfing needs. If you have any questions about the shop or its services, please feel free to talk any of our staff or call or call dane at 472-7273 or email We are excited to be able to offer our members and the public this exclusive service!

Irons: Basic Steel $29.99
Irons: Basic Graphite $44.99
Woods: Basic Steel $49.99
Woods: Basic Graphite $59.99

Any type of both Steel and Graphite are available and can be quoted by Dane and brought in on very short notice.

Other Services: (per club)
Cut Down Club $9.99
Lengthen Club $9.99
Reset Head $19.99
Extra Layer of Tape $0.99
Adjust Loft or Lie $7.99
Questions? Call 506.472.7273
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