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    Golf Club Fitting

FREE Lie Angle Check

Don't let your GOLF clubs hold you back from playing your best GOLF!!!

Dane will spend 15 Minutes testing your irons/wedges to see if the lie angle is correct.

Lie angle is one of the MOST IMPORTANT fitting elements and can make a serious impact on the contact and direction of your GOLF shots.

Call 472-7273 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book your FREE LIE CHECK!!!

Fitting Testimonials:

"All of my iron shots now are right on line, my clubs were too upright before they were bent  and the toe was hitting first causing the club to open. I now have confidence to go straight at the pin. 2 degrees made a huge difference for me"
- Gilbert
"I had my irons fit and was very happy with their performance, while speaking with the golf pro one day he asked me if I had my 52, 56, and 60 degree wedges fit like my irons? I said no and then he asked me how much I liked those clubs. I told him they were the worst clubs in my bag and he smiled as we sort of had a light bulb moment togther. He bent my wedges like my irons and my wedge play is better than ever. Fitting is simple and quickly peels shots off your game"
- John

Do you realize you are very likely a better golfer than your equipment will allow you to be?
Do you want to get better at GOLF?

Before you spend a lot of money purchasing new GOLF clubs that you think will make you a better GOLFer, bring your existing set of GOLF clubs in and talk to a professional club fitting expert to find out what you need for clubs to suite your GOLF swing.

Ask yourself these 4 questions.

  1. Are all my GOLF clubs the correct length?
  2. What is the correct shaft flex for my GOLF clubs?
  3. Do my clubs have the proper lie and loft angles?
  4. Do I have the correct size grips for the size of my hands?

 We know that golfers come in all shapes and sizes. We know that we all swing the GOLF club differently. This is why a proper fitted set of clubs will allow me to play better GOLF.

Why would we think that one size of GOLF clubs fit all people?

Over 90% off all GOLFers have at least 1 if not all improperly fitted GOLF clubs.
Are you tired of not reaching your full GOLFing potential?

Dane has the latest technology, 3D Doppler Radar Launch Monitor and Ball Tracking, that will enable him to answer all the questions required to custom fit your GOLF clubs with confidence.

Spend an hour with Dane and he will give you a full evaluation of your current GOLF clubs. He will answer the 4 questions above for you. Then, if need be, he can provide you with all the necessary alterations to your current set or specifications for the new set you want to purchase.

Driver Swing SpeedDistance on # 5 ironShaft Flex
Less Than 60 MPH Less Than 125 Yards Ladies light
60- 70 MPH 125 to 140 Yards Ladies
70-80 MPH 140 to 155 Yards Seniors
80-90 MPH 155 to 170 Yards Regular
90-100 MPH 170 to 185 Yards Stiff
Over 100 MPH Over 185 Yards Extra Stiff

Make every club your favorite club.

Call Dane today 472-7273 or email.

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