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    We now have FootGOLF in Fredericton!!!


Carman Creek FootGOLF

“Atlantic Canada’s First and Only FootGOLF Course”

“Canada’s First Official AFGL Certified FootGOLF Course”

FootGOLF (GOLF with a Soccer Ball on a GOLF Course)

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"Canada's 1st AFGL Certified FootGOLF Course"

FootGOLF9 Holes  $13.99
FootGOLF 18 Holes $22.98
Soccer Ball Ball Rental - $2.99

What is FootGOLF?

FootGOLF is a precision sport where players kick a FootBall (Soccerball) into a cup in as few shots as possible.

FootGOLF Score Card

YELLOW 70 115 80 75 125 170 145 160 150 1090
  PAR 3 4 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 33

Dress Code:We ask that all FootGOLF Players wear traditional Golf Attire. ( Shorts, or pants & a collared shirt) No Soccer Spike, please wear sneakers.

Local rules:

  1. FootGOLF tees have yellow tee markers & greens have yellow flags.
  2. Please KEEP OFF GOLF course greens and NO running.
  3. If ball stops on GOLF green send person without soccer spikes to retrieve ball and place ball off green  no closer to hole and no penalty point.
  4. Please keep up with the group in front of you. We have 10 minute tee times so that means you have 10 minutes to play each hole.
  5. On the PAR 4’s when the group in front of you are  on the green please go ahead and play.
  6. Please follow all golf course etiquette such as when a GOLFer is ready to play be quiet until they hit or kick the ball.
  7. Please rake sand traps if you walk in them.
  8. Please use waste containers for garbage and recyclables, help us keep the course looking good. We sort the recyclables from waste containers.
  9. Ball lands in water replace within 2 steps of land point where ball entered the water & receive 1 penalty point or place ball at position of previous kick & receive 1 penalty point.
  10. Player farthest from the hole, is the first to kick the ball.
  11. Wait to play until ball comes to rest & cannot stop ball from rolling.
  12. Only on the greens may the ball be picked up.
  13. Play ball from where it lies, if obstructs other players kick, mark & move ball.
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